It's The Tiny Moments Of Joy That Help Keep Us Going.

It was Wednesday night. 

I needed to work late. So I found a cozy place with a warm vibe, and did as much as I could. 

It was well into the evening as I packed up to head home. And then I looked over and saw her screen. It felt familiar. 


A wall of words. 


I hesitated, then said hello. 


We ended up talking for over twenty minutes. Our conversation was unexpected, fun, vibrant, wandering, and unguarded. Raw human connection. 


Tiny moment of joy. 


Earlier that afternoon, when I walked into my cozy spot, a familiar human behind the bar greeted me. I sat down around the corner, and without prompting, he appeared with a glass of water. Ice included! Made my heart smile. Gave me just the boost I needed to try to write. 


Tiny moment of joy. 


As I was preparing to leave, my new conversation partner and I walked towards the door. We said goodbye, planned to spend more time together; share a cup of tea. I stopped at the bar. There’s a canister of red fishies on the counter. You know, that candy that tastes like the good parts of childhood feel. (In the shape of a fish.) I asked the kind human who gave me a glass of water how much they cost. $1. He filled up a small paper bag with fishies, and I gleefully ate about 6 or 7 on the way home. 


Tiny moment of joy. 


I arrived home exhausted. It was a long day. But each tiny moment of joy helped me make it through. Gave me the lift I needed to keep going.  


An unexpected conversation filled with life, a glass of water given with thoughtfulness, and a bag of fishies that makes my mouth turn up at the edges as I write this to you. 


None of which I asked for. All of which I needed. 


Life is unpredictable. (Heck, I burnt my little finger cooking dinner tonight. Don’t worry, I’m OK. There’s a bowl of ice water sitting next to me as I type this note to you.) And tiny moments of joy can be exactly the unpredictable surprise we need to keep going. 


A few lines of a book, something funny on Netflix, that slice of cheesecake that tastes like clouds.

The green of the trees, that friend who can’t help but laugh and snort. 

Taking a much-needed nap. 


Tiny moments of joy help us stay open to connection with ourselves and the humans around us. They’re the invisible bridges that help us move from feeling alone, to knowing we’re not. 


Tiny moments of joy aren’t luxuries we can put off until we solve that problem, or reach that landmark goal. 


Tiny moments of joy are essential. They help us endure the unpredictability of it all. 


So this is me, letting you know I’m thinking of you, and (hopefully :) ) sending a tiny moment of joy your way.