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Need better relationships?

  • Do you need a more positive work environment?

  • Are you ready for honest dialogue?

  • Do you need a morale boost?

  • Do you need practical tools for increased understanding?

  • Do you need insight and perspective?

  • Tired of avoiding the conversation?

  • Do you need tools to build connection between people from different backgrounds?

  • Done with tip-toeing around difficult conversations?

  • Done with “checking-the-box”?

  • Are you ready to feel less awkward?

If you need to stop hiding and start connecting, then a Brave Connection Workshop™ is for you.

As a staff, we were able to open our minds up to each other’s perspectives. For the first time we were in a setting where we were putting on ourselves in others’ positions and we were slowly able to get a little more comfortable with an uncomfortable subject.
— Anna Leigh Smith

Need a morale boost?

I’ll help you create a more positive environment for productive conversations.

If you need to create belonging, get a Brave Conversation Workshop.™


The last thing you need is another cookie-cutter presentation.

Nothing about you fits into a box. Neither should your workshop.

Your unique needs are important to me. I’m not interested in swooping in and giving you a lecture. I believe you and your team are capable human beings. Respect matters. That’s why your workshop is filled with real-world examples, fun exercises to help you get clear, and tools to create a more positive environment. Don’t let fear limit your capability. Share your greatest stresses, worries, and challenges with me. I’ll listen. And then I’ll deliver the tools you’ve been looking for.

Please note: Your Brave Connection Workshop™ is designed to match your specific needs. You and your team are the focus of our work together.

No secret agenda here.

Just click the button and me what you need. I’ll come to you, and deliver the in-person support you deserve.


Real-world examples.

A way forward through connection.



You’ll learn how to:

  • Create belonging instead of separation.

  • Build connection on your team.

  • Practice healthy boundaries

  • Create honest and open dialogue.

  • Get answers to difficult questions without burdening people.

  • Transform discomfort into growth.

  • Feel less awkward

  • Stop tip-toeing around race

  • Hit the reset button when things are going sideways

  • Respond with kindness, not fear

  • Talk with each other, not at each other

  • Create togetherness, not “sides.”


If your team needs togetherness, the Brave Conversation Workshop™ is for you.

This was a valuable experience to process how we discuss race in a setting where race is a constant part of the conversation, but is often tiptoed around.
— Wes Cooper
She listened very deeply, and very gently.
— Eleanor Davis
My experience was life-changing and has given me the courage to talk about race from a place of kindness and empathy.
— Laura Henry

Build relationships Expanded perspective Togetherness


Scripts for sticky situations.


Learn how to connect with unfamiliar stories.


Practical tools to help you come together and stop tip-toeing.


What Makes a Brave Connection Workshop™ so Different?

  • No canned solutions.

  • Dignity is non-negotiable.

  • Real conversation that creates room for connection.

  • Healthy boundaries for better relationships.

  • A way forward through connection.

  • Real-world examples.

  • Mutual respect is non-negotiable.

  • Easy-to-use tools designed around your unique needs.

  • No talking down to people.

  • It’s not about my ego or opinions. This is all about you and your team.


Let’s get started.

You talk. I’ll listen.

The workshop allowed our team to address weighty, baggage-laden ideas and experiences with vulnerability, empathy, and insight. The self-driven, judgement-less orientation of the workshop allows for the challenges it addresses to be undertaken with unique authenticity.
— Ian White

Transform tension into connection.

My top priority is delivering the discussion, clarity, and support you need.

Because your team is stronger (and way more productive) when you’re connected.

Want a Brave Connection Workshop™ designed just for you?

Click the button, and I’ll listen to your needs.

I’ll be in touch within 24 business hours.

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