This isn’t working. Something’s got to change.

You’ve got to find a way to talk with each other, and stop talking past each other.

You’re craving more connection, less shame.

You need a serious morale boost.

You need practical tools that you can implement NOW.

You’re ready to start moving towards each other.

You need a trustworthy guide who gets the challenges you’re facing.

You’ve set a date, but there’s anxiety in the air.

We’re having a hard time connecting.

What if talking about race makes things worse?

If we end up in a huge fight this entire thing will be pointless.

We need to improve our productivity - will having this conversation help us get there?

We’ve done workshops before, and nothing changed.

We need to stop pretending. We’re desperate for real conversation.

Things are pretty tense. We need someone who can break through the defensiveness and fear to deliver real training.

The last thing you need is another cookie-cutter presentation.

You need real dialogue.

Genuine understanding.

Unclogged lines of communication.

Common ground.

You need to be refreshed, equipped, supported, as you gain clear perspective.

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