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Hey there! I’m Krystle Cobran, and I help people find their voice and break free from fear.

We don’t really talk with each other anymore. Especially not about hard things like race. We’re too busy talking at each other. And it feels awful. We feel alone. Like no one sees or understands us.

We’re missing each other.

Our souls need connection. Let me help you break out of the box.

I don’t want you to feel alone. That’s why I create brave human conversations.

Because your voice needs to be heard.

You matter here.


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The opportunity to connect with Krystle felt like a divine spark. My co-host and I had it in our hearts to have some conversations around race, but we didn’t want to come across insincere or insensitive. We wanted to treat this topic with the care and respect it deserves. So when we connected with Krystle we heard an immediate, “YES.” Krystle has a gift. Through her palpable vulnerability she holds the space for others to be vulnerable as well. When you interact with Krystle whether it’s through reading her words or with conversation, the walls come down and you know you are safe. Not only does she create a safe space for discussion topics that could otherwise be hazardous in the wrong conditions, but she KNOWS her stuff. Her vast knowledge about race relations combined with her experience with mediating conversations, in my book, makes her a much needed voice today on the topic of race in America, and quite frankly, how to be a loving human.
— Heather Conkin

When we share our stories everything changes.

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You belong here.

You want real conversation. I create authentic conversations.

You want to hear more stories. I turn division into connection. 

Your voice needs to be heard. I listen. With all of my being

You’re committed to making the world a kinder place. I create spaces where we can explore tender things together.

You're determined to live and lead with courage. I've got your back.