You’re the reason The Space Between Us™ podcast exists.

This is where we put down our masks

Abandon the “supposed to’s”

And connect.

As humans.

Real people, with real feelings about race. Having real conversation. Welcome to The Space Between Us™ podcast.

You belong here.  

Hit play.


Episode 1: This Native American Woman is still here. It's time to listen. 


Episode 2: Two humans sat down to talk about race. One is a pastor. The other is not.


Episode 3: Brave Moments: So I forgot to introduce myself. 


Episode 4: The magic of admitting that we just don't know. A tender conversation. 


Episode 5: Three women sit down for a wide open safe conversation about race. 


Episode 6: Two humans of color explore living, loving, and navigating difficult conversations together. 


Episode 7: Brave Moments: The tiny question that shifts difficult conversations from impossible to doable


Episode 8: Two humans sit down to talk about stereotypes, assumptions, curiosity, and prevailing through it all. They're married. 


Episode 9: Two women talk about competition, belonging, integrity, and showing up right where we are. 


Episode 10: Two humans of color explore grassroots campaigning, learning to listen, and finding tiny moments of rest.


Episode 11: Brave Moments: Uncovering the power of showing up as who we really are


Episode 12: When two humans who aren’t supposed to be friends become family.


Episode 13: Two women explore personal responsibility, shared humanity, and taking action together.


Episode 14: Two humans discuss grassroots activism, womanhood, identity and belonging.


Episode 15: Brave Moments: Releasing the Myth of Doing It All.


Episode 16: Brave Moment: Special Edition


Episode 17: Discovering our Power to Run Towards Connection instead of Fear.


Episode 18: Choosing courage, being still, and showing up to life as ourselves.


Episode 19: How to be Brave: Create Belonging


Episode 20: How art cracks open human stories.


Episode 21: How to be Brave: Finding Words when it Seems Impossible.


Let’s create brave together.™

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